2001 Lincoln Navigator

Our Job:

Repair the rocker panels as well as all the old holes and rusted material.

This was done by removing all the rusted metal and replaving it with OEM grade sheet metal and welding at a level that is  well above ministry specs for durability and longevity.


01 navigator (Medium) 01 navigator 3 (Medium) 01 navigator 4 (Medium) 01 navigator 5 (Medium) 01 navigator 6 (Medium) 01 navigator 7 (Medium) 01 navigator (Medium)n



At this point we have installed all the sheet metal were the rockers used to be welded and insured strength with our fabrication all the welds were inspected and insured for proper seal to avoid re-occurrence of rust, Now it is ready for paint.

20130813_092202 (Medium)20130813_092052 (Medium)20130813_092033 (Medium)



All panels have been painted with a rocker shield guard that helps protect it from rusting, also insuring any rocks or debris from scratching the rockers and creating a long lasting repair.

20130822_161708 (Medium) 20130823_105015 (Medium) 20130823_104925 (Medium) 20130823_104937 (Medium)